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In September 1987, PT. Dwipa Manunggal Kontena was established to provide overbrengen business. The growth of National Development has opened the widest opportunity for logistic prospects, and we have developed freight forwarding business to serve and manage container and export import traffic that flows in and out of Indonesia. Located in the strategic location near port of Tanjung Priok, PT. Dwipa Manunggal Kontena covers and manages about 25, 914 Sq meters hard surface for container yard including 3,600 Sq meters warehouse. To support and expediate the consumers services and to implement Quality System ISO 9001 : 2008, we currently have facilities such as :

1. Container Yard for capacity 1500 TEUS('Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit') of Full Container (FCL)

2. Warehousing with its racking system facilities, with an area of ​​3631 square meters.

3.  Mechanical Facilities ( 2 units Kalmar DRF-450, 6 Units Forklift)



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